Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 12 June 7th 2013

Hey all, Day 12 of Insanity is in the books! Cardio Power and Resistance was todays work out and it really kicked my butt. I noticed that my heart rate was not climbing as high as normal, I am not sure if that is because I am getting into better shape or because I did not push myself as hard, it feels like the better shape one. I have to stress the importance of eating right while doing this and other workout plans. I slacked off a bit today and had some Chipotle *love that place* and my unit at work got me some cupcakes for my birthday so I had one of those. I definitely could feel a difference in my work out today. It may have been slightly a mental thing but it felt like I was a bit sluggish. So if you are eating clean continue to do that it does wonders for your workout. One really awesome change I have noticed is that I use to get killer heart burn no matter what I ate. For the most part everything gave it to me, since I have started this program it has vanished COMPLETELY. I never thought I would get over that but it is gone and has not come back since about 4 days into the program. I am noticing that my chest and belly are starting to flatten out. As you can see from the pictures, I still have a lot of fat hanging on at the bottom, but it is not as rounded anymore. It is almost straight down. That is a big improvement! So the results are showing up, and they will for you too. Stay strong and stay in the program! Enjoy!

Weight - 233.8
BF %- 30.3%