Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 9 June 4th 2013

Today was day 9 of my Insanity Journey and the work out was Pure Cardio. This again is probably the toughest workout of the group so far. I definitely made large improvements though and could work farther and deeper into the work out. My shoes came today that I had ordered, but I am going to have to send them back as they are a half size too big, which sucks. Still getting that same ankle pain and swelling in my right ankle. I burned 547 calories in the work out today according to my Polar HRM and stayed in the zone of my fat burning heart rate for 36 of the 42 minutes. Stretching was the time outside that zone. I also wanted to talk about my newest commitment. I have decided that from today until the end of the program I will drink nothing but water. I was reading another person's Insanity story and he did the same and saw amazing results. I know that it might not be a necessary step, but I figured it can't hurt. I am excited for this challenge as well as finishing Insanity because they are both something I would have never undertaken a year ago. I made excuses much too often. I also did my monthly massage and it really seems to help! Anyone that can afford it should invest in at least a monthly if not weekly massage to really repair and help muscles. Not only is it a stress reliever, but you get a good way to increase flexibility and relieve joint pain. The article below talks about a study done with a massage after a work out, check it out. Thanks to everyone who checks this blog out! Stay motivated and dig deep, you will get those results in no time. Enjoy.

Body Fat % 31.9 (A bit higher than it was but home scales are really not good indicators of this, as long as it is in a decent range then you know you are making progress.
Weight - 237.6