Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 11 June 6th 2013

Today was day 11 of my Insanity Journey, Cardio Recovery. As I have mentioned before this is a slow paced deep muscle and stretch work routine. It definitely is low impact and much slower paced. After a week of intense workouts though, it is a welcomed break to help let your body recover. The stretching has actually grown to become one of the parts of the workout I enjoy most. I can feel my body getting more flexible as I go. Don't worry if you are not there yet, as you continue with this program you will start to get deeper into the stretches. If you are lacking some motivation or very sore from the weeks workouts, I have to say this is where your body will really thank you! So focus on stretching out those muscles and loosening up that acid that builds up in the muscles. If you are lacking motivation and are very sore just remember that at the end of 60 days it will all be worth it. I stepped on the scale today and found that I was the lowest weight I had been in about a year and a half! I am almost 8 lbs lighter than when I started the program in only 11 days. The results will show, just continue to push to your max and work to your goals and it will all come together. Below is an article about why the body needs protein! So remember to eat some good lean chicken! Enjoy!

Why The Body Needs Protein

Shoes came in today!

Body Weight - 234.6
Body Fat %- 31.9

I am really starting to notice a decrease in my man boobs lol but in all seriousness they are beginning to slim in on the sides. Still a long way to go, but I am determined.