Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day 5 May 31st 2013

Today was day 5 of Insanity and the work out was Pure Cardio. Let me just say this the end of this workout Shaun T says "This Shit is Bananas" and then falls to the ground. Pretty much sums up how my day was...Pure Cardio was the hardest workout I have done so far. This is 25 minutes straight of exercise after exercise. To make things worse, you have to put in your own water breaks as there is no stopping on this dvd. It was hell to go through, but I came out on the other side and feel much better for it. Pure Cardio will kick your ass no matter how good of shape you are ready to sweat on these days. All those disappointed about yesterdays Cardio Recovery will be kicking themselves for complaining because the workout today really brings it. I purchased a Polar HS 100 heart rate monitor today that also counts the calories that I burn during the workout. One of the things that has been a concern to me recently is that my resting heart rate is pretty high. Since I am being honest with this blog it is around 82. That does not bode well for my heart especially with the history side of things. So I wanted to make sure I was doing everything I could to do the best workout I can. The Pure Cardio workout today had me burning 522 calories. I believe I burned even more but I messed up with the settings and it reset. But I did stay in the "Fat Burning Zone" for 29 of the 32 minutes so that is ideal. I like having the heart rate monitor. It is like a snap shot of what is going on. I know in the workouts Shaun T mentions them and to check your heart rate quite often. Still waiting on these shoes to come...looking forward to week 2 with a new pair of shoes. Sorry for the lack of pictures, just been forgetting to take them, I will get back on that.

Body Weight - 239
Body Fat - 33%