Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 16 June 11th 2013

Today was day 16 of My Insanity Journey. Another Plyometric Cardio Circuit day and another one that kicked my butt. I have to say I was not really in the mood to workout today, but I pushed thru it and pushed play and I am glad I did. There was no way that I was not going to do it, just felt good to sit for a bit lol. Honestly tho, the results are speaking for themselves. I have lost 8.6 inches off my body and 10.2 lbs in 16 days! Name any regular gym routine that will do that for you in that time? The thing about it too, is that it is healthy weight loss. I am hitting my calorie goals for the most part, as I am not strictly counting but know where I want to be and I never feel like I am not getting enough. A big part of my success I believe was my decision to drink nothing but water for the program. I cut out a big problem of mine doing that....MILK. I love milk and would get way too many calories from drinking it and I would not factor those into my daily calories...hence getting fat. So now that I have cut that out entirely, I feel like it has made a huge difference. Not only has working out made me feel better, but I am now fitting into clothes that I havent fit into in years. What a great feeling it is to expand the wardrobe. Insanity is the toughest workout I have done, but I think anyone can do it if they can mentally prepare. I believe it is about 99% mental and 1% physical. You can push your body to do amazing things if you can believe in yourself and work hard. Remember keep pushing play and dig deep! Below is an article about mental toughness. Enjoy!