Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 8 June 3rd 2013

Today was day 8 of Insanity, Cardio Power and Resistance. I said earlier in one of my posts that I liked this work out...I didn't like it so much today. Maybe it was because I usually have a workout partner and I had to do it by myself today (which I did!) or what but it kicked my butt and I wasn't such a fan. It is hard having that rest day, but it is crucial for muscle repair and recovery. Today's big news was that it was measurement day! Here are my results after 1 week of Insanity:

Starting Chest - 46 3/4 inches
Starting Waist - 48 1/4 inches
Starting Hips - 47 inches

After one week of Insanity

Chest - 44 3/4 inches   (2 Inches Lost)
Waist - 46 1/8 inches   (2.21 Inches Lost)
Hips - 45 5/8 inches    (1.3 Inches Lost)

That is a total of 5.51 inches in week 1!

I also started at 242 lbs and today weighed in at 238.3 pounds. My lowest point in the week was 237 so I averaged about a 4.4 lb weight loss as well. I also dropped my body fat % according to my at home scale, which I know can be inaccurate from a 33% to a 30.7%.

I have to say I am pretty happy with those results. The workout today kicked my butt, but I also noticed that my average heart rate was getting a bit lower from a 164 last week, to a 158 today. That means I am getting in a bit better cardio vascular shape. Insanity is working so far and I am loving every minute of it.

If you are reading this blog then comment! I would love to hear from some of you about your fitness goals and things that I can help with. Enjoy!

Below is a blog entry that Shaun T posted about eating an 85/15 diet. Basically meaning that you eat clean 85% of the time and 15% of the time have a treat. His theory is that he would rather you eat healthy most of the time with a few cheats then to eat super clean for 1 week and then lose the motivation. I think it is a positive approach.

I notice small improvements to my self, I definitely can tell in my chest already that it has gone down a bit. Again not proud of these, but I wanted everyone to see a real take on Insanity.