Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day 4 May 30th 2013

Today was Day 4 of Insanity, Cardio recovery and boy did I need it. Today mixed in a lot of yoga stretching and deep muscle work with slow paced squats and stretching. I want to emphasize that this workout is a recovery day and does not pack the same punch as the other days, BUT it is by no means easy. If you were to do all the stretches and slow squats that Shaun T does you will feel a deep muscle me I am still feeling it. I have read a lot of disappointed people talking about this workout and how it was lame or useless. To those people, there needs to be a recovery day in the week somewhere aside from Sunday to help encourage growth and repair. Secondly, being more flexible and able to push your body in all aspects, nutrition, cardio, strength and flexibility is a goal of this program. The recovery day is used to help get you to be more flexible by incorporating a slower paced work out. Like I said before I needed it. My legs have been very sore and this was a good time for this. At the bottom of this page I will include an article link about the importance of stretching. Shaun T does a really good job in this program of stressing to never skip the stretching and to focus on trying to become more flexible. So anyone on the fence out there about the safety of Insanity can be reassured that Shaun T offers good advice for stretching, and also says to do your best but if you need a break take it. This program is all about going to YOUR max not Shaun T's or the people on the video who are working out with him. A lot of people miss that point, even I have struggled with it since I am competitive and want to stay at the pace set by Shaun T. So if you are someone who is doing Insanity right now or are thinking about it, please focus on getting the best body for you and doing your best, you won't regret it. On a side note to safety: I have read a lot of reviews saying this program is hard on the knees and joints. While that maybe true, I want to reassure anyone who has knee problems out there that this can be done. I had an ACL repair 6 and 1/2 months ago and am doing this work out. The key is to be smart about it and listen to your body. I do modify some things slightly to accommodate my knee but 99% of the workout is unchanged. So YES this can be done on bad knees. I also ordered a new pair of cross trainers today. If you have watched my videos I mentioned ankle pain. I am hoping this goes away with these new shoes... Enjoy!

Weight - 239.6
Body Fat - 33%