Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day 7 June 2nd 2013 (Rest Day)

Today was day 7 of Insanity, and the first scheduled rest day of the program. It sounds weird but I was actually really wanting to work out today. It is starting to become a habit and I feel like I am getting something of a runners high from it. One thing I have also noticed is that I am craving water much more than I ever have before. In the bottom of this shorter post I will put a link to an article about the importance of water. As I have mentioned before, I have committed to drinking between 100-144 ounces of water daily. One frustrating thing about water intake is that there is no hard line that says we need a certain amount. People have heard about the 8 glasses rule and that is something to definitely adhere too, but lately it seems that scientists are saying that 8 glasses is just not enough. But if you are following this workout, or any workout plan for that matter you NEED to drink water. It is essential to hydrate yourself adequately when working out. Dehydration causes your body to break down much faster and not have the same amount of energy to complete a workout at a high level. Doing Insanity you sweat ALOT so make sure you are putting it back into your body. Fuel the machine. Enjoy!

Science Daily Article About Water