Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 17 June 12th 2013

Today is day 17 of Insanity and I have to say I really worked hard today and felt good about it. Looking at the pics below I am still bummed that I dont have my six pack. lol I know that is silly but feeling a bit deflated. I just want those results to come and I know they have so I shouldnt feel this way but what are you going to do. Just gotta keep working hard. Pure Cardio is a tough workout but as I mentioned in the video I could tell I am progressing since I got farther into it than I normally do. I never have done the frog jumps because I am usually face down sucking wind from the level 2 drills. Today managed some frog jumps! Insanity has really changed my life tho. I was in desperate need of something to motivate me to make a lifestyle change and this was what it was. Everyone out there in the middle of Insanity, just remember that we are doing things that most people only talk about, we are living it. Keep getting your butt kicked and digging deep! Below is an article about one of my favorite things to do at the gym...The Steam Room! Check out the benefits of it. Really helped me kick my childhood asthma as well.

Weight - 232.4 (A bit up from my low point but thats ok)
Body Fat %z somewhere between 28-31% but going down slowly. 

HATE my bathroom scale for that measurement... never is really very accurate.