Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day 3 May 29th 2013

Today was day 3 of my Insanity Journey. I have to say that it is not getting easier. Today came with significant soreness in my calves and lower leg muscles. As I said yesterday in my post, the workout seemed to really target the legs and I am paying for it. I am going to include a link to an article that talks about soreness in muscles at the bottom. Being sore is one of the biggest hurdles that we face when taking on a new fitness or exercise program. It is especially hard because it is 99% of the time in the first week or two that we start a program. This makes it soooo much easier to quit and has made me quit working out on several occasions. The soreness though is a sign that my muscles are getting stronger and trying to figure out what the hell I just put them through. The article I am going to provide gives some tips for combatting muscle soreness and offers suggestions to help overcome it. Unfortunately, there is no way to get rid of muscle soreness. One of those crappy things in life. So back to the program itself. Today was Cardio Power and Resistance. I actually liked this workout alot more than the plyo work out of yesterday. The moves just seemed more fun..IDK call me insane but they did. It also seemed "easier" but I am not sure if that is because my fitness level is increasing a bit or I didn't push as hard or what. Either way, I did feel like I made some gains today. I also am usually a pretty sluggish person... *eating like hell for years can do that to ya* and I have found that I already have much more energy than before. I think a lot of it is the mindset aspect of it. I know I am working hard so I feel better, but I think there is a physical side as well. I enjoy writing this blog, even if a small number of people ever read it, I enjoy getting it out there. So if you are looking for a good workout and are on the fence about Insanity, try it! You can see from my pictures that I am no where near skinny or fit and can handle it. Believe in yourself and do they best you can, and you will see results.

Mens Health Article About Muscle Soreness

I mentioned that I had made my own calendar and measurements chart and downloaded a Fit Test from a they are, hanging on my bedroom wall for motivation.

 (My Fit Test)                                                                     (Insanity Measurements)

(My Calendars)

Sorry no daily pictures today...*or maybe you are happy!*